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We vanished for a few weeks - but only to you - and now we're back with a report on the past few weeks, musings of what it means to rejoin life, how we handle overwhelm and shut down and more. This episode is full of stories and laughter which we all need right now so join us!

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Do you feel overstretched - or perhaps overstressed? Is taking a vacation or engaging in other "normal" activities in life a bit too much for you? How do you manage your expections or find that joy in the midst of parenting your child with autism? Join us for an illuminating discussion!

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Today Stacy and Anne talk about what they've learned from trips to Disney World, and family vacations with kids with special needs. Join us!

Today Stacy and Anne talk about the challenges of having a business or personal interests in the midst of the demands of mothering a child or young adult on the spectrum.

Today we talk about the topic of friendship and your special needs child. Are our or our child's expectations realistic? Are we looking for a "Friends" sitcom kind of life? Join us for our discussion!

Today is one of the more difficult episodes that we have to talk about in light of current events. A young adult child on the spectrum was shot in his own home by law enforcement sent to help calm an escalating situation. Listen as Stacy and I try to unpack this issue.

How are you at listening? Let's find out on today's episode as Stacy and Anne unpack their experience as parents of adults with autism.

Sometimes it's all about the small and steady steps. There are times when we aren't able to take them for whatever reason. Join Stacy and Anne as we unpack parenting children with autism.

Sometimes in the hard and heavy of day to day, we all need a bit of good news! Join us for a little happy chat today!

Today Stacy and Anne discuss the difficult concept of comparing your child to another. Why do we do this? There are no winners or losers here. Listen to our discussion.


Thanks for listening!

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